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SANS – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. SANS – Application of the National Building Regulations. This is generally SANS – Automatic sprinkler installations for fire fighting purposes. (Tenth or the Eleventh Edition Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations which will be SANS ), United Kingdom, (BS Part II, developed into a.

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Details Automatic sprinkler installations for fire-fighting purposes. Even if the company does not change, policy sometimes does. As a guide, the requirements for fire detection and alarms, as well as for fire suppression measures in buildings, are defined in:. Should a design proposed by a rule in the SANS be too difficult or costly to implement, a competent person appointed in accordance with the act may design an appropriate system, and rationalise why the design complies with the act.

It is in the client’s interests to use those listed.

It concludes with recommendations regarding documentation and maintenance aspects. Gaseous systems, in turn, can work on temperature reduction principles to san fire, or on oxygen depletion, i. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Many sahs the fire safety specifications are based on British, European and other norms and have been formalised and revised over time.

SANS does not provide for a connection from the tanks where the fire Documents.

Categories S1 to S8 provide information on sub classification on class of storage, in addition maximum height criteria requirements table 2, page 33 of SANS are tabled for development of the sprinkler system requirements. This number does not at that stage suggest compatibility with the sprinkler system it is going to supply. The South African National Standards SANS provides rules that, although not statutory, act as guides to the understanding and correct interpretation of the Building Standards Amendment Act of by explaining the thoughts, philosophy and intent behind these regulations.

These standards have been accepted as norms in the RSA over the last 15 years; some of them are of quite recent vintage or revision. It is unlikely that spec storage facilities will be provided with sprinkler systems, as goods and commodities to be stored may not be known at the time of building, or change during the lifetime of the facilities. SANS – protection.

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Our experience shows that an unapproved sprinkler system that represents a rationalised approach has resulted on occasions of having to retrofit sprinkler protection. Establishes general principles for the design, installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler installations for sns purposes in buildings and industrial plants.


ASIB can ensure the registered and listed installers will carry out the necessary rectification work if they are at fault 10827 poor design, fabrication or erection but cannot for an unlisted company.

They are accepted by local and many reinsurance companies world-wide as well as local authorities. The Rules used in South Africa are constantly updated but never made retrospective and have an enviable success record.

Covers the classification of fire hazards, provision of water supplies, components to be used, installation of automatic sprinkler systems, testing of installations, maintenance and the extension of existing systems. Fire safety in buildings is a requirement of the Building Standards Amendment Act Act 36 of and the National Building Regulations SANSand various other standards provide guidelines on how to meet the requirements.

Price increase – The act determines that the owner has an obligation to comply with all aspects of the act in the design stages by having all building plans approved by the local authority to comply with the requirements. Government Printing Works where one can find government gazettes. Email to a Friend. Other fire suppression systems are deployed for many reasons including:.

SANS 10287:2000 (Ed. 1.00)

This is the realm of specialist designers and contractors. Therefore, the formation eans fire is prevented rather than lowering the oxygen in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, a few principles on the functioning of these systems are either not understood or ignored:. All installers use approved equipment unless there is no alternative equipment available for a particular problem at which stage alternative approval authorities can be 102287 and verified if acceptable.

This assists in protecting the clients’ interests in that a listed company will comply with the latest known and proven methods in respect of design, fabrication and erection.

A.S.I.B In Depth

We reiterate that what may be acceptable to the local authority or some insurance companies does not necessarily mean that the installation complies with the correct standards. Such sprinklers shall be provided throughout the stage and in dressing rooms, workshops, storerooms, This exonerates the installer from any failure if they carried out any instruction contrary to what is regarded as a minimum standard.

The oxygen depletion principle is an almost universal solution and is very popular. Eskom Fire Risk Title: These specifications are further detailed in terms of the components of such systems in the SANS series of specifications, which deal with fire detection devices and systems, control and indicating equipment, alarm devices, etc. The mechanics of high pressure gas containment and its release is potentially hazardous and the installations must be mechanically sound.



Fire protection measures are classified as passive or active, with passive protection measures including constructional aspects such as the use of integral, fire resistance-rated wall and floor assemblies arranged in compartments, firewalls etc. Primary active fire protection measures include fire extinguishing components of fire hydrants, hose reels, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. There is no person in South Africa, in the opinion of those knowledgeable sabs the application of sprinkler codes with the knowledge that allows for the omission of protection if this is required by the standard or to revise protection to their individual thoughts usually in the name of cost-saving or rational design.

An inspection of the completed work is carried out by ASIB. The temperature reduction gases are liquefied and stored in more compact containers than the oxygen depletion types. New panels developed are checked at design stage and approved accordingly for compliance with the rules and service within the sprinkler industry. Stufe Piston 1st stage Piston 1er tage 0. They discuss the need for a fire alarm system, categories of systems and design considerations in considerable detail.

There are many codes of practice, standards and rules throughout the world. Such fire protection measures may consist of water sanz systems, foam generators and various gaseous systems.

June 14th,Published in Articles: The ASIB Tenth and Eleventh Edition Rules have proven themselves over and over again to be perfectly acceptable in terms of design and the resultant control of fires.

Each pump installed is individually engineered and endurance tested on the manufacturers test bed. Recently added item s You have no items in your shopping cart. There is experience of buildings with sprinkler installations that are accepted and trading licenses have been granted by local authorities but 110287 system is in noncompliance to differing degrees with minimum sprinkler practices.

Sprinklers are an added.