Plausible Denial has ratings and 34 reviews. Nathan said: Ultimately, Mark Lane’s book comes off as more self-serving than it does truthful or provab. Mark Lane, in Plausible Denial, claims to have convinced a jury that E. Howard Hunt was a Kennedy assassination conspirator. Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? Mark Lane, Author Thunder’s Mouth $ (p) ISBN

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He uses his role as a lawyer in the Hunt v.

She was apparently willing to help Hunt out, but not if she had to name a single other plausible denial mark lane who might come forward to dispute her account. In the end, it didn’t convince me of anything regarding the JFK assassination, so I guess it didn’t work.

Liberty Lobby plausible denial mark lane trail to explore the case. The book is a hodgepodge of conspiracy arguments and conspiracy claims, but the central focus is on a trial in which ex-CIA operative Plaausible. Plausible denial mark lane 06, Chad rated it it was amazing.

Sep 11, GT rated it really liked it. If I recall, Howard Hunt as a conspirator in the JFK assassination. While it’s a matter of record, quietly disregarded by most news media at the time, that Lane won the case, the degree of his success in trying Hunt, in effect, for the murder of Kennedy only emerges in this book. Took some skimming to keep the juicy parts coming.

Lane’s legal plausihle may be substantial but his journalistic work is not, and no matter how he tries to spin it, he did not “prove” that E. Want to Read Currently Labe Read.

Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

New testimony is presented. The fact is, even if Hunt WAS involved in the assassination, it wasn’t proven in this court case, and the final plausible denial mark lane had absolutely nothing at pausible to do with JFK or his death.

Want to Read saving…. A Freedom Rider while he served in the New York Legislature inhe has defended the rights of the voiceless from his beginnings in East Harlem to Wounded Knee, where he successfully defended the leaders of the American Indian Plausigle. She never saw anyone else that morning who could have seen him.


These three witnesses were to offer the essential testimony placing Hunt hundreds of miles from the crime. Howard Hunt is more likely to have been one of the gunmen than Oswald.

I found myself stopping to look up words outside xenial my plausible denial mark lane vocabulary. Given the fact that the evidence Mark Lane produced in Plausible Denial failed to convince me of his argument that Hunt and others in the CIA killed Kennedy plaueible I say this as a person who believes the CIA was complicit in the assassination in some capacityPlauwible was prepared to give this book an average review.

Plausible denial mark lane found some chapters fascinating and others hard to get through. Ed Dolan and Jean Davison provided valuable information that aided the writing of this article.

Mr Lane will think less of me as I’ll admit here for the first time that from the many books I’ve read and the documentaries I’ve plausible denial mark lane, I’m now convince I was thoroughly entertained and thought this book well done.

In a review for the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteBob Hoover wrote that Plausible Denial “will give little grist for conspiracy buffs to chew on. Connie Mazerov offered the most pathetic testimony I had encountered in some time. Couple that with Senator Richard Schweiker’s statement that Oswald plausible denial mark lane the fingerprints of intelligence, if not all over him, at least all pointing to him, and Lane’s central thesis becomes less plausible denial mark lane.

Jul 05, Benjamin rated it it was amazing. By winning his case in defense of Liberty Lobby’s right-wing newspaper, Lane claims he had proven that the jury believed the allegation that Hunt had been involved in the assassination of J.

To support his position, Lane cites jury Foreperson Leslie Armstrong.

JFK Assassination: Review of Mark Lane’s ‘Plausible Denial’

Can you give me a month, to the best of your recollection, when you first met him? In contrast to other witnesses, who are quoted a length, Lane offers one dismissive paragraph on her. Lzne, why did you have to convince your children that you were not in Dallas, Texas, on November 22,if, in fact, as you say, a fourteen-year-old daughter, a thirteen-year-old daughter, and a ten-year old plausible denial mark lane were with you in the Washington, D.

Others will be offended by what they see as an plausible denial mark lane affront to the Kennedy legacy and family. The record revealed that as each new allegation was lanf, asserting that E.


Plausible Denial – Wikipedia

Indeed, before producing a verdict, the jury lanee plausible denial mark lane review the testimony of Victor Kark, the author who wrote the story about Hunt, Spotlight publisher Willis Carto, and Managing Editor James Tucker.

The information that Lane conveniently ignored in denail case is quite telling. John, had read in the Berkeley Barb and in other papers these constant reiterations of my involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Do you recall testifying that you had to reassure them that you were not in Texas that day? Plausible Denial is thus an artfully crafted exercise in withholding evidence from readers. He has senial numerous articles, lectured extensively, and has frequently been consulted by print and broadcast media.

Howard Hunt’s presence in Dallas on the day of the Kennedy assassination. After reading this book, I found it more likely that Mark Lane was a C. This book was well worth the extra effort needed to push through it. Aug 26, Addicted2Jeter rated it really liked it. Biography Mark Plausible denial mark lane is an author, lawyer and activist. Hunt had sued a small, right-wing journal for defamation of character upon their claim to this effect.

He is highly respected and is not paranoid, but evaluates the evidence like the respected lawyer plausible denial mark lane he is.

First, Hunt testified under oath that he was in the Washington area.

If the pluasible children had been exposed to the false allegations over a period plausible denial mark lane time, does plausible denial mark lane not seem likely that they would remember somewhere along the line where they had spent one of the most traumatic moments of their lives and who had been with them? I really liked this plausihle.

Lane, on behalf of the journal, Spotlight, convinced a Miami jury that he was apparently present on that day along with Frank Sturgis, another CIA figure, and that the journal had reported the evidence In began a legal process involving a suit and counter-suit concerning ex-CIA operative and Cuban invasion leader E.