Know Thyself has ratings and 9 reviews. Shannette said: Akbar has built a wonderful case for the need for the inner journey. Who are we and why are w. Know Thyself by Na┬ÂIm Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . 1 Jan The Paperback of the Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Lists with This Book. Keontae Freeney rated it it was amazing Mar 09, This issue of identity lays the foundation for what the person will be able to do and what they must learn. We use the butterfly as a metaphor to understand the invisible development that takes place in our spiritual evolution.

Because of our horrible experiences with segregation enforced by oppressors, we fail to appreci- ate the kind of voluntary separation that Catholics, Jews and many other ethni- cally distinct groups have selected for themselves.

All of these names make an effort to identify the higher potential that is in the person thyseelf to identify the person with a Divine ori- gin. We find instruction about God in every aspect of khow true edu- cation that we are describing in this discussion.

We can waste almost an entire lifetime, trying to be something that we really do not have the skills to be. This is one qkbar the reasons that African-Americans are so often the victims of preventable diseases such as drug abuse, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise.

Woodson states regarding the influence of ideas: This power should provide us with mastery of sufficient skills to obtain from the physical environment whatever minimal resources we need to insure our survival. We would want to insure control of sufficient lands, industry and financial structures that w ould guarantee a level of effective living for any people w ho seek unlimit- ed advancement.

As both sides of the argument maintain probably quite accurately the racial composition of the ancient world is probably ultimately irrelevant. This is why the primary lesson of education is love. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: Maat is the symbol for the princi- ple of Truth and Balance that rules in the universe.

The process continues and mod- em European- American civilization represents the result of this evolution. We would certainly seek to control enough of our resources to insure that we w’ould lose our disproportionate representation among the poverty and criminal groups of this nation and around the world.

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This collective vision might be a nation, an ethnic group or a community. Everyone who gets an education cannot become an independent entre- preneur, but everyone should gain the independent ability to negotiate the trade of their skills for the necessary resources for survival and advancement. Thieves and murderers occur in almost all societies and they clearly rep- resent a form of social disease and must be dealt with.

In order to transmit the legacy, we must identify whatever evidence of our particular greatness that we can find.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

In factif there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. Winslow rated it really liked it Apr 13, The fact that they hear the stories of the great European Conquerors such as Columbus, Livingstone, Napoleon and Alexander the Great is the transmission of a legacy of competence that they arc told implicitly tyyself they share.

Natural Psychology and Human Transformation” and Light From Ancient African An educational system based in the self-knowledge of African people must help the student to understand themselves as spiritual creatures with a Figure 2: It is important for Africans and all people to realize that the earliest recorded civilizations were founded and developed by native African people. Xkbar rated it really liked it Sep 02, They must understand the power of the mind as akbwr Divine gift that is not just an instrument for data processing, but a center for the Divine presence within the human being.

Do not kill for it will not profit you.

Know Thyself

Growing numbers of African-Americans have thsyelf pilgrimages to the slave dungeons in West Africa where the captured Africans were retained while waiting to be shipped to America. We need to develop the kind of skills that will bring us autonomy in our immediate envi- ronments as individuals and eventually to be a part of a community that has auton- 37 omy in the world environment. We have certainly learned much about how nature works over the last few hundred years of European domination.

Uf aibar ‘ we bave noted abovi would ins, ilTa sens?

KNOW THYSELF, by Na’im Akbar, Forward by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III

Rocket scientists on video games should rep- resent them as well as other members of the human family, but they need to see significant characters of good and genius that look like them.


Though his scholarly status is unquestioned this area of his work is targeting a much broader audience than would likely encounter his works prepared for advanced students, professional colleagues and for the dialogue of the academy. It is our responsibility to study these thoughts, carefully. There is much miseducational information that is in the media and in the sexist educational sys- tem that presumes the superiority of one gender over the other.

Every person learns within the context of their education that they were bom to execute some type of mission towards the advancement of humankind and each person must seek to identify what their mission might be. The Miseducation of the Negro.

Sep 07, Corey added it. In ancient and contemporary times, people of various races and tribes have contributed to the advancement of humanity on this planet. The significance of their skin color is important only because of a racist miseducation that implied either that all civilization came from white people, or that people of color made no creative contributions to civilized life.

It is true that power in this respect carries the implication of dom- ination, but definitely not the domination of other people. Something as simple as the appearance of the toys we play with or the characters in the storybooks begin to teach us this aesthetic.

This is yet another example of the kind of power that comes from a true education and the loss of power which comes from miseducation. The study of the earth is approached as a component of the self and with the same values of self- respect and self-direction that guide the study of other components of the self.

Woodson was a highly gifted scholar and gradua of the aknar Harvard University, the book is simple, clear and direct. thyseld

In the African- American community, we still have teachers who resist the idea that our children should be equipped to deal with racism by understanding it and recognizing its presence.